To spread the power of positivity by helping those in need and using responsible business practices to provide quality, comfortable, and fashionable clothing that makes people feel good.


Feel Good Movement is a socially responsible clothing brand founded on the basis of positive thinking. It all started with the idea that people perform better at everything they do when they have a positive attitude. More than just a state of mind, positive thinking represents a lifestyle. And it is our core belief that we can ignite real social change by spreading a positive message through fashionable clothes and setting an ethical standard for other businesses to follow. We provide more than just a cool style, but also a cool attitude towards human progress.

For each clothing item that is purchased, we donate a comparable clothing item to charitable organizations supporting disaster relief, disability assistance, or poverty care. In addition we offer Feel Good Wristbands to support particular foundations, for which 100% of the net proceeds are donated. We require all of our manufacturers to have an established social responsibility program that addresses fair treatment of their employees. Whenever possible we produce in the United States in order to guarantee the quality of both our clothing and the working conditions surrounding the people who make them.


Creating a world that we all can feel good about.



  • Spread The Good
  • Encourage Positive Social Change
  • Be a Role Model
  • Social Responsibility


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Respect and Loyalty
  • Lifelong Customer Relationship
  • Making Customers Feel Good


  • Equal Opportunity for Personal Growth
  • Respect, Care, and Concern for Employees
  • Provide a Safe Work Environment
  • A Workplace Where Employees Feel Good