New Additions to Mens Summer Line and Design Contest for Womens Designs

April 12, 2013

Our design contest has finished and it was a huge success! Choosing the winner was a difficult decision as we had so many wonderful designs to choose from. Thanks to our community for providing feedback, we have three new awesome additions to our Mens line!


The winning design is the FG UNCONVENTIONAL T-SHIRT and is available in white with blue print and red with white print:



Congratulations to Clothing>>>Line for creating the winning design. Check out his 99 Designs profile here:


One of the alternate winners includes a T-Shirt called FG Crest designed by blandine* and is available in lapis (dark blue) and slate (medium grey):



You can check out blandine*'s 99 Designs profile here:


The other winner of the contest is a very own in-house designer, Martin Gutierrez. We are very excited about this one, it's a tank top called FG URBAN and is available in black:



Thank you to everyone who took the survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and an email was sent out to each of you for 30% off your next purchase.


Ladies, don't think we forgot about you! You've been showing so much love and support to get The Movement Movin'. We just started another design contest for the new addition to our Womens line which you can view here:


Keep on the lookout on our Facebook page for the survey so you can preview the designs and give your feedback. As always you'll be rewarded with a 30% discount code for taking the survey.


All the best,


Team FeelGood