Learn to Enjoy What You Don't Always Enjoy

August 01, 2012

We all have big dreams that we hope to make a reality one day, but we also realize that we'll likely have to take some steps along the way that might seem tedious or difficult. These are the types of things that we might not ordinarily enjoy doing but we know that we have to do in order to get to where we want to go. Something that has really helped get me going is learning to enjoy doing these things and to look forward to checking them off the list. I've been through a couple Friday nights in college where I decided to stay in and study for Monday's exam instead of going to the parties that night. Instead of feeling like I was missing out on something I would just tell myself that I am working hard now so that I won't have to work as hard later, and that always made me feel good about it. This mindset is universally applicable to any situation involving a minor sacrifice in the short-run for a major reward in the long-run. Sometimes it can also help to step into the shoes of yourself in the future looking back on the present and being thankful that you worked so hard. Say you have a goal to get in shape for the summer, well you can imagine yourself already in shape in the future looking back and feeling good about how you worked so hard in the present to get there. This is what works best for me however for certain types of people it can also be useful to consider how you would be disappointed in the future if unless you give it 100% today. 


Take a minute and think about the types of things you know you have to do but don't always enjoy. Many of these things might be what you perceive to be your weaknesses so improving these areas of your life will only make you a stronger person. Learn to enjoy doing these things and you will get better at them. Then you can feel good about being one step closer to living out your dreams.