Feel Good Movement is a Proud Sponsor of the 2nd Annual Alzheimer's Association Blondes vs. Brunettes Powderpuff Football Game in Los Angeles

June 05, 2013

  Blondes vs. Brunettes is a volunteer-driven flag football game that raises funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association. In coordination with Under Armour, Feel Good Movement provided 80 uniforms for the 2nd annual Blondes vs. Brunettes - L.A. We were proud to be a part of the event, which took place on Saturday, June 1st. The quality of football displayed by ...

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New Website Design and Photo Blog

May 05, 2013

Hey Everyone,   As you may have noticed we have radically changed our website. Our team has been working hard to take the Feel Good Movement to the next level and an update to the site was greatly needed.   We've listened to you and have now made it much easier to shop by adding a convenient sidebar link list to our store to keep things organized.   We've adde...

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New Fundraiser for Teach For America's Greater Philadelphia Region

April 15, 2013

Hey Everyone,   As you know 100% of net proceeds from purchases of Feel Good Movement wristbands supports education in low income communities.   We started a wristband fundraiser campaign for Teach For America's Great Philadelphia Region. Teach for America gives children in low income communities the opportunity to receive a high quality education from some o...

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New Additions to Mens Summer Line and Design Contest for Womens Designs

April 12, 2013

Our design contest has finished and it was a huge success! Choosing the winner was a difficult decision as we had so many wonderful designs to choose from. Thanks to our community for providing feedback, we have three new awesome additions to our Mens line!   The winning design is the FG UNCONVENTIONAL T-SHIRT and is available in white with blue print and red with white...

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Design Contest for Summer Mens Lineup Additions

March 11, 2013

With summer right around the corner we are getting ready to make some additions to our lineup. We are holding a contest on 99 Designs for new designs for our Mens summer lineup.   Check it out at http://99designs.com/other-clothing-merchandise-design/contests/design-next-spring-summer-wear-feel-good-movement-203002   After receiving all submissions we will run...

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New Shipping Policy and Website Update

December 01, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen we have an announcement about our new shipping policy and updates to our website: We are now offering free shipping on orders of $50 and up! All customers who have made qualifying purchases after July 25, 2012 will receive a refund for shipping charges paid. Please allow up to 10 days for your statement to reflect these changes. Last nigh...

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Be Yourself

November 01, 2012

In an age of media and propaganda, we tend to get caught in all the trends and habits of the world, resulting in some degree of identity deficit.  We all have been subject to negative influences that life throws our way. The Movement understands that our saving grace is a strong sense of self-identity. FGM stresses that you know who you are, stand up for what you b...

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Stay Positive

October 01, 2012

FG Food for thought: As we all know, sometimes bad things are bound to happen to us in life. We are faced with negative situations every day. It's how we react and recover from these situations that makes us who we are. If we can approach a negative situation with a positive mindset half the battle is won. Think about it.. FGM

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Live Life to the Fullest

September 01, 2012

As this movement grows stronger, I am truly learning to wake up everyday, and be grateful for everything I have in life. With some of the events that have been going on lately, we as people cannot take life for granted. With that said, I will live life to its fullest potential and I know everyone else in the movement will too. I will do what makes me feel good and what o...

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Learn to Enjoy What You Don't Always Enjoy

August 01, 2012

We all have big dreams that we hope to make a reality one day, but we also realize that we'll likely have to take some steps along the way that might seem tedious or difficult. These are the types of things that we might not ordinarily enjoy doing but we know that we have to do in order to get to where we want to go. Something that has really helped get me going is learning ...

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